Nane Quartay



You’re in a car, driving, with God’s greenery flowing past your window, the wind bouncing off your bald scalp and suddenly you see things that the naked eye has never seen before. It’s your third eye! Opening your vision now, delving deep into your spiritual self, your psyche, your soul and your skies are blue with promising clouds. The road is smooth because you are. The world is in balance because you are. Through the third eye, your vision is panoramic and you see life. You! Are!

Outside your window stands Cliven Bundy with a bullhorn asking if Blacks are better off being slaves. Standing by the curb is Donald Sterling, who is on the phone telling his girlfriend not to bring any Black people to his stadium. Racial attitudes have adopted a new, unspoken façade nowadays and for some, race has become a dog whistle for rat- hounds.

Now cast your third eye to the rearview mirror. It’s the past back there! See it? It’s Jim Crow and minstrel shows, Stepin Fetchit and his cousin, Sleep n’Eat (Yeah, there was an actor who went by that name), there’s lynching’s and cross burnings… they all reside back there, in the rearview. 

Feel The Fire takes a look at here and now and compares it to there and then. Can you tell the difference? What do your eyes see? 

Excerpts taken from Feel The Fire. Check it out!