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Posted by NaneQuartay on August 19, 2014 at 5:40 PM


Now it's my time. I've been marinating on a story of erotica. A hot story that will explore erotica from a male point of view, one that is visual and stimulating and full of lust! That's all we have when our nerve endings spring to life, when our eyes discover the lure of temptation and the gratification of satiation. Ohhhh. It's so lovely! It's delightful. It's an all encompassing yummy that lays heavy on the tongue until the next time. It's a constant state of horny with a smorgasborg of possibilities that comes in all flavors, shapes and sizes. It takes years to overcome the sensory overload... and then that is only when you are able to snatch the pebble from the Master's hand.


But, anyway, I, myself am thinking outside of the box on this one. I want to stray a bit on the far side and see how real my fiction can get. To see how much sensuality I can squeeze inside of the sexuality. I think it will be fun. So Erotica, here I come!!!!

Splash! Splash!

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