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Posted by NaneQuartay on April 10, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Finally! The Q has come back to....!!!!

You should see me! Got my tongue sticking out and e'rythang! LOL! I'm just feeling good because I finally finished my first draft of my story Feel The Fire. Of course there are edits and edits and edits and.... well, you know, there is a lot of editing going on, but for me editing isn't that much of a big deal. By the time I get to that point, I have my characters figured out and I can only make them better.

I'm babbling. But that's because I'M HAPPY! I'm happier than two blunts and a bowl of Sugar Smacks. Happier than Tiger Woods and a room full of naked blondes! Nah. I ain't that happy but I'm feeling real pleasant so I want to share a piece of Buckback.

Buckback is a young Black man suffering from Tourette syndrome in the South in 1966 which means he will say anything that comes to mind. A dangerous affliction to have in the old south.

I hope you like.

Porter-man. Why can’t I ask you something?”

“You can ask me what you want Buck.”

“I can?”

Porter nodded his head.

Buckback looked at Porter then looked around to make sure they weren’t overheard before he started talking. “It’s about girls though! Girls!”

“Go ‘head then Buck. What you want to ask?”

“Well, you got a girlfriend Porter-man, why can’t I have me one?”

Shit! Porter’s mind raced. Buckback should have learned about girls a long time ago, he was old enough to handle the facts of women and what they meant. Then he thought about how he himself wasn’t exactly too sure of himself when it came to women and he gave the matter some more thought. If Buckback was anything like Porter, this was a subject that he wouldn’t dare ask his mother or father about so the only other source of information would be his friends.

“Okay Buckback,” Porter said. “What do you want to know?”

Buckback stepped toward him with an anxious expression. “Why can’t I have me one?”

“You saw some girl that you like?”

“Is that what I gotta do?”

“Buckback. Let’s start from the beginning. You liking girls now?”

“I do!”

“What do you like about girls Buckback?”

“They’re pretty. And soft looking. And they have pretty smiles. They smile with they eyes when they smile at me. And they shape too! I like the way they shaped.”

“So you got that part down,” Porter said. “And what do you want to do with a girl?”

“I don’t know. I like the way they shaped though.”

“Uh huh. What else?”

“I like to look at they shape. But I didn’t think of nothing else.”

Porter could always tell when Buckback was serious; well, as serious as Buckback was likely to get, and this really mattered to him. “Okay Buckback. Okay. You think that you really ready for the real heavy shit?”

Buckback nodded his head anxiously.

“Okay.” Porter looked around the store and then leaned toward Buckback. “The secret to women is lustables.”

“Lustables, Porter-man?”

“Lustables. See what happens is that they get you with they lustables, that shape that you see swinging and swaying and pulling you in, playing around with your blood pressure and dragging a man where he wants to go but ain’t supposed to go.”

“So that’s what it was?” Buckback giggled. “I liked it though Porter-man! I liked they lustables.” He was shifting from one foot to the other as he listened.

“Yeah,” Porter went on. “But those lustables get you in the end. It’s what you call ingenious. Nothing that any person could have thought of, you know what I mean Buck?”

“Yes! Yes, I do!” And Buckback giggled some more.

“The French call it the Little Death but for you, we gonna go with lustables, okay? Now what happens is that the lustables get a hold of you and you can’t let go. Many a good man has tried but none of them have ever escaped the lustables. It’s a mite powerful thing. Now here is the tricky part; after you get the lustables, a baby comes out.”

“Get up on out of here,” Buckback said, hands spread in disbelief.

“So you better watch out for them lustables, okay?”

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